• Marianne Diaz

Clues for the Ultimate Stuck-at-home Easter Egg Hunt

Every year for Christmas & Easter I've always made the kids work for their chocolate and presents, whether it involved clues for egg hunting, or a treasure hunt for Christmas presents. Either way, they're now 16, 19 and 22 and still expect the clues, although they do want them to be a little more complicated than these ones below!

So this year, seeing as everyone is stuck at home, I thought I'd do up a simple list of clues so that parents can hide their eggs and keep the kids entertained for that little bit longer!

Here are a few examples, but if you like them please download the free document here with a simple list of where to hide the eggs and the clue to read out for each.

Please feel free to share to any other parents tearing their hair out at home!


Quick as a flash this makes your food hot,

Has it cooked up your eggs? Let's hope not

Inside dishwasher

Full of dirty plates waiting to get clean,

You need to look inside this cleaning machine.