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The R.T.C.

In my day punishment at school came in the form of detentions. You were kept back from school supposedly to write ‘lines’ or to do more school work. Well that’s how the legend goes anyway because I never got detention.

I relied on the description from other family members such as Sister Number 1.

As well as detention there was the fear of being sent to the Principal’s office (also not in my line of experience. See Sister Number 1).

The generation before us received punishment in the form of rulers and canes across their butts and hands, and that’s not taking into account those people who were taught by nuns in the 1950s.

Today’s generation of high school kids, such as mine, are punished by being sent to the RTC.

The dreaded RTC.

I’ve heard ‘RTC’ thrown around a bit over the last 5 years since Son Number 1 started high school but have never had to work out what it stood for, I’ve just heard the acronym thrown around between all three boys, often laced with dread.

But I never had to worry about it.

Until last week.

After the first day of school to be exact.

That cloudy afternoon I stood facing Son Number 3 in the kitchen, holding the first document to come home from school. He stood facing me. I looked him in the eye. He looked right back at me.

Finally I broke the silence and spoke.

I said: “Son number 3, what does RTC stand for?”

He replied with very little emotion: “Responsible Thinking Classroom.”

Responsible Thinking Classroom.


This dreaded place that had seemed like a deep dark abyss was just called a ‘Responsible thinking classroom’??

Lame name, but obviously has the right effect on kids.

I looked down at the document Son Number 3 had handed me. I looked back up at him. He looked at me with his big puppy dog eyes.

“So Son Number 3,” I said completely shocked. “Are you telling me that your teacher asks you to fill out a form stating what your goal for the year is, and you write ‘to not go to RTC’?”

“Ah, dur Mum,” he replies.

I’m hoping over the next few years his goals and dreams become a little more ambitious.

Marianne Diaz

Enough With the Lemons

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