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What do you do when you realise your son is a con artist?

Well let’s step back a bit in time and I’ll tell you a little story.

Now I can’t say which son it is due to legal reasons, and the fact that he may just send me a bill for using his name in my blog, but let’s just say it’s a Son Number between 1 and 3. We’ll just call him Con-Son.

So anyway, one day I had a story accepted from an editor about a tour we did in Sri Lanka. One of the pictures contained Con-Son’s face. I was so excited and once it was published I showed all 3 kids the photo they were featured in.

“What?” Con-Son said. “I’m gonna have to charge you for using my photo in a paid article.”

Well at this point I should have been shocked, and to be honest I was a little, but let me take you back a step further…

When Con-Son was a few years younger he made up a company called ‘Nafobro’ Industries. No association with Son Number 2 (Nathan) in case you were thinking that (and just in case he has solicitors monitoring my website). In this business he managed to ‘hire’ his younger cousins so that they were all working for him. On one occasion his younger cousin (about 5 years old) was pretty upset. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he’d been fired.

“Fired?” I asked. “Do you actually get paid?”

“No.” he replied. “But it means I can’t work for him anymore.”

Well I was stumped. He’d psyched up this business, that really wasn’t doing anything at all; to such a level that everyone wanted to work for him with no pay, no holiday pay and definitely no super.

So after the Sri Lankan article fiasco (after which I threatened to charge him for his share of the Sri Lankan trip) he started to make ‘deals’ with his brothers. Mainly his younger brother, who I would find up early making Con-Son breakfast or doing his chores for him as that was what had been agreed on.

“Why? I asked Son Number 3. “What do you get in return?”

“He said he’ll play with me if I do it.”

Well, this resulted in many lectures and admonishment until last weekend.

Con-Son had managed to get himself $30. How? He’d sold a second hand item to Son Number 3 at the price of a new one. And he hadn’t paid for it himself in the first place.

That was the final straw.

I warned all of them that there were to be no deals made. No exchange of money. And no conning little 12 year olds, no matter how much time he was saved by not having to go to the shops.

I now need to keep an eye on Con-Son, and steer him into using his skills for good instead of evil. Possibly as a real estate agent?

In the meantime, I’m keeping an account of just how much I do spend on him in case he sends me an invoice in 10 years, for having his presence in our household for 18 years, or for his allowing us to feed and clothe him.

To be fair though if he sends a bill for the love he's given us, it'll be a huge one.

Marianne Diaz

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