• Marianne Diaz

THIS is how you write a love poem.

If you'd read my earlier post here, this is a follow up!

After realising that asking for another poem (although I'd allowed 10 years for it's creation), wasn't going to work I decided to write one myself.

A poem to sum up our last 20 years. Happy Anniversary Warren, my love xx

Across the window in another lab,

You were in charge of streaking plates,

You brought laughter into a place that was drab,

And then you asked me on a date.

I remember when you asked me out,

You called me on that fateful night,

I answered the phone and turned to Jo and said:

“Oh Warren, he’s the one I like!”

I remember our October 9th Maccas first date,

But for forgetting dates, you are King,

That night it’d been 2 days since your Mum’s birthday,

And you didn’t even bother to ring.

In ’95 you thought you were Elvis,

But I couldn’t mark you ‘Return to Sender’,

Especially since at our wedding,

You sang me ‘Love me Tender’.

In ’98 we had our first son,

Jayden is his name,

You wanted to call him Hercules,

And I finally realised you were insane.

All covered in exzema and always itchy,

Our baby became as cute as he can,

So chubby, so round, but he finally grew,

Into a handsome young man.

In 2001, Nathan our number 2,

In a hot January came along,

Nathan Liam Diaz was his name,

But he looked more like Nathan Liam Wong.

All cuddly and loving was our Nath,

So very, cute as a button,

He was very loving most of the time,

But at others was just so stubborn.

Lastly and most little, in 2003,

We welcomed our little Bren,

Curly hair and biggish ears,

He grew into them when he was ten.

Apart from his loving nature,

He’s taught us all a lot,

Especially that a hot chocolate,

Is a ‘choc-o-late what’s hot’.

Now 20 years have passed so fast,

And it feels like just the other day,

That Dad complained you were too quiet,

And he couldn’t hear what you’d say.

Oh hang on that probably WAS the other day,

Because my love, you haven’t changed a jolt.

It’s only that, as Nathan says,

Your hair’s changed to pepper and salt.

Thank you for the last 20 years,

Without you who knows what I’d do,

Doesn’t matter that I would have been peaceful, free and rich,

I love you infinity times two.

Enough With the Lemons

Marianne Diaz

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