• Marianne Diaz

How Kids Ruin Your Wedding Anniversary

This April Warren and I will be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary. I’m expecting big things. Well not really big, I’m easy to please.

On our 10th Anniversary I asked Warren to not buy me a present but to write me a poem about our lives together. His response was, “I’d rather just buy you something thanks.”

He’s very romantic. After asking several times, he actually wrote one. I’d share it with you but he’s asked that I don’t as it’s a very private thing between the two of us.

And because it’s pretty bad. (Just kidding Warren if you’re reading this xxxxx).

So for our 20th Anniversary, as I was about to ask again for an updated poem, I got a flat out ‘no’.

What Warren did say is that he’d like to go away somewhere without the kids.

The kids also prefer we go away without the kids.

Many people everywhere think we should go away without the kids, but it’s a lot harder than you might think.

I agreed but said, “Ok, but it has to be somewhere where the kids wouldn’t like to go as that would be our only chance to go there without any complaining.” Since then we’ve discussed where we should go.

Warren’s suggestions:

  • An island escape?

I said, “Na, because I’ll see all the water sports you can do there and keep thinking, ‘oh the kids would love this’.”

  • Overseas?

“Na, what if something happens to the kids and neither one of us is in the country?”

  • Somewhere different in Australia like Ayers Rock?

“Na I want to take the kids to the Outback.”

  • Cairns?

“No, the kids would love the quad bike tours and snorkelling.”

So the last time I looked Warren was googling the Sunshine Coast.

“You’re kidding me??” I said. “It’s our 20th Anniversary and you’re thinking Sunshine Coast???”

Poor Warren.

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