• Marianne Diaz

That time of year again??


There are 5 seasons in my household: Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter and Cricket. Warren and the kids absolutely love it.

I don't.

Seriously, I find it as boring as hell. Even cricket commentators need to entertain themselves so they don't fall asleep. I stopped to listen once to 2 commentators comparing the deodorant they wear. Once I even learnt what the best fertiliser for lawn was. Handy, because watching that game was definitely like watching grass grow. Their recommended fertiliser should have been added to that cricket field: it would have seemed like the grass was growing at breakneck speed compared to the cricket game.

Anyway my family love watching it, hence it's always on TV. We used to sit down in the other 4 seasons, someone would be hogging the TV and someone else would then yell, "Put it on something we can all watch". This would involve making sure everyone was happy with the show that was chosen. A very kind and thoughtful process. Except in cricket season. There's no politeness in cricket season. You don't like cricket, tough - you're out. So, obviously, I don't watch TV in cricket season.

Son Number One now plays for a cricket club. After seasons of playing soccer I finally relented and gave my blessing for him to join. After being worried that it was too hot for him to stand out in the sun for 4 hours doing absolutely nothing ( I believe the term for it is 'fielding'), I realised cricket would be safer than soccer. At least he wouldn't come home damaged. Cricket is pretty safe, or at least I thought so at the time.

Then there is 'backyard cricket'. We don't do backyard cricket like the average Australian family. OH NO. We need cricket nets, built by Warren along the side of our house. We also need a cricket pitch mowed into our lawn. My Mum has always been worried that by moving to our present house the kids were robbed of a backyard. Think again Mother, I (as in ME) was robbed of a backyard. THEY'VE turned it into what they want.

Don't get me wrong I have tried to be interested in cricket. I ask questions when I do sit in the lounge with the family. In return I get sniggers and outright laughter. I sometimes go out and have a hit. I reckon I'm pretty good. Got good hand-eye co-ordination but I never receive the credit I'm due. I hit a 4 (yeah see I know a bit) and it's, "oh no Mum that would have been stopped in a real game. Ball goes to the side, "Mum you would have been caught out." I hit the ball behind me and everyone yells, "SLIPS! You're out." So I've given up on that too.

My worry is Son Number 1's obsession with the game. He carries his bat everywhere with him. He hugs it while he watches a cricket match. He even came into my room to see what I was writing and gave me permission to use his actual name if it's cricket I'm writing about. But worst of all is his annoying use of the word 'cricket'. He adds it in everywhere. Randomly. The final straw came when I asked him to text me the grocery list on the fridge.

I can't wait for Summer.

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