• Marianne Diaz

Why Kids Need Computer Games AND Sport in the School Holidays


My kids love sports.

They also love their computers.

They also love their Xbox.

But unfortunately they also love to stir people.

While I'm confident in saying their love of sports comes from Warren's side of the family, my kids come from a long line of stirrers through my side of the family. There's nothing wrong with that, and let's be honest, the stirrer gene was also passed down to me.

But there comes a time when my kids become a balance between sports, computer games and stirring. If the internet goes down, they play sport. If it's raining but the internet is on, they go online. If the internet goes down AND it's raining, all hell breaks loose: they pick on each other. So I believe the ideal way for my kids to be healthier is for the internet to go down, and for the sun to be shining, (more sport, no internet, no stirring) but unfortunately at some point the sun must go down.

It was a night not so long ago that Son Number 3 didn't have any friends online to play with and came upstairs to announce that he was bored. I tried to explain that I was busy working on my 'writing career' and he would have to entertain himself. I also tried to explain that in the 'old days' kids would read a book to entertain themselves. He asked if he could read his iPad instead. Exasperated I said ok, so he ran back downstairs. Five minutes later he was back, sitting next to me supposedly reading, but giggling a lot. He told me he was reading about pranks.

Now Son Number 3 has what we call a 'guilty giggle', in that he giggles and can't stop if he's up to no good. The rest of the night he spent giggling.

He giggled when I couldn't work out why my mouse wasn't working and I finally realised he'd stuck a sticky note underneath.

He giggled when Warren groaned and ran towards the kitchen sink after taking a swig of his normally 'two-sugared' cup of coffee (the old 'swap the sugar for salt' trick).

He giggled the next morning when Warren told us that Son Number 1 had screamed from downstairs at 11.30 at night, after having food colouring drip down his arm when trying to brush his teeth.

He giggled later as he waited for Son Number 1 to come up for his morning coffee. Luckily for him I swapped the sugar and salt back earlier, effectively saving the life of Son Number 3 and sparing grumpy Son Number 1 from a murder trial.

I eventually reached my limit when Son Number 3 asked if we had any vaseline and glad wrap. That was it. I then heard myself say words I never thought I'd ever say.

"I'm sure your friends must be online now, go play your Xbox games."

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