• Marianne Diaz

Five Reasons Why I Regret Breastfeeding

I'm no nutritional expert but I know the importance of breastfeeding babies and so does everyone else, but sometimes it's just not possible, or Mum decides not to. There are many reasons to choose to breastfeed or not, but in all cases, IT'S NO ONE ELSE'S BUSINESS.

My sister, Jo chose to bottlefeed her baby in a shopping centre once and had an older lady approach her and 'suggest' that she should be breastfeeding. A bit tough when her baby is also her foster child. Naturally she replied: "I don't think her Mum would appreciate that."

But really is breastfeeding that good? (Please note the following list is for entertaining purposes only and is not backed by any scientific research, therefore I do not need a well-meaning person telling me about the benefits of breastfeeding....thank you.)

5 Reasons You MAY Regret Breastfeeding Your Child

1. Breastfeeding has been shown to result in better brain development and higher IQs.

Growing up, my kids were pretty smart and it amazed me every time I would see evidence of it. And it's especially heart-warming when they get older and you're able to have an intelligent conversation with them:

“Get your dirty feet off my freshly-ironed clothes, you’re making them all wrinkly."

“Yeah well, age is making you all wrinkly but I don’t see you getting angry at that.”

And that's when they're only eleven......

2. Breastfeeding Increases their Immunity to Different Diseases

And unfortunately to phrases such as:

"Clean your room"

"I'm not feeling well today, I can't cook"


"Don't pee on the floor for God's sake"

3. Breastfeeding Gives Children a Robust Digestive System

Do I really need to explain?

I'm working on finding a third job before the bank comes knocking.

4. Breastfeeding Can Save You a Lot of Money.

No need to spend on bottles, formula, etc.

But don't kid yourself they'll rake up that bill and make up for it in millions when they're older.

5. Breastfeeding is Great for Mother-Child Bonding

Yeah, whatever. But it's a great way to shut up teenage boys when you remind them of where their first meals came from.

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