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St Helena Island and How to Show Your Kids a Good Time

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There are three types of day trips I can organise for my kids.

First there is the: 'Oh no way, forget it, I'm staying home' Day Trip.

Second is the 'How long will we be gone and what time will we be home so I can tell my friends when I'll be online' Day Trip.

Third is the 'Yay!! Sounds good Mother. Let's all go, spend quality time together and have the best time of our lives' Day Trip.

My boys are teenagers. I've only ever heard response number one.

Number two would please me and leave me impressed with their time management skills.

Number three would have me carried out on a stretcher and rushed to the PA Hospital.

Being the caring mother that I am and remaining sensitive to the feelings and opinions of my sons, I drag them all out for these day trips anyway, in the hope that one day they'll appreciate it.

This is why we recently spent the day on St Helena Island. The day started off with my offspring sitting in the backseat of the car, oozing outrage and resentment that I had made them get out of bed before the ungodly hour of 10am. My parents who came along were worried, until I reassured them that the kids would come alive around lunchtime. Around the time the food comes out. Feeding time at the zoo.

The kids eventually livened up a little (at lunch) and the day was enjoyable. It included a Cat O’ Nine Tails cruise and a fully guided tour through the ruins of St Helena Island, which served as a prison from 1867 to 1932. The gruesome details about the jail were explained and the interesting and humorous stories enacted by the tour guides made for a great day and I could see my kids listening and soaking up the info, although they really didn't want to.

So the question for most people would be: if they don't want to go anywhere why bother?Most people that know me, know that however painful it is for me, I'm determined to have my kids see as much of Australia as I can manage, before they flutter off on their own to travel the world. And deep down I believe they enjoy us all spending the time together.

I asked all three if they enjoyed the day and if they found it interesting.

Son 1: Yeah and yeah

Son 2: Yeah and yeah

Son 3: Yeah and yeah

What was the best part?

Son 1: Coming home

Son 2: Coming home

Son 3: When we sat down. On the boat. To come home.

I knew they'd love it. Job well done Marianne.

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