Hello and welcome to my website and portfolio.

I'm a freelance writer, who happens to love writing! I cover all sorts of areas, specifically those I have a passion for, such as….….


Travel, Family & Lifestyle Writing

A graduate from the Australian Writers' Centre—and with a few of their courses under my belt—I love to write about the places I’ve seen and the people I’ve seen them with (my three sons). You’ll find my little collection of travel articles and family life pieces (mostly humorous) published in places such as Essential Kids and The Big Bus Tour and Travel Guide. You’ll also find them here, funnily enough, on this website.

Scientific & Medical Writing

Surprise!! I’m also a research scientist, with a PhD in genetics and metabolism and am also skilled at writing scientific documents, medical device design and development documents and journal papers. I can edit too!

Real Estate Copywriting

As well as feature articles, I can help you with real estate copywriting! As if being glued to the TV watching House Hunters International, House Rules and Fixer Upper isn’t enough, I’ve also got myself a real estate copywriting certificate and a real estate sales registration certificate, just so I can help you with the part of selling houses everyone hates—the advert.

If you’d like any help with YOUR writing, just get in contact. I’d love to help!